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Europolis is a utopian vision of a city as a reduction. It is not a traditional city but an imagined, phenomenological city. European cities have evolved and emerged over time. They are the result of layers of history, development, destruction, mixing, migration and changing of populations. They are a collage of different profound ideas as well as superficial constructs. David Adjaye’s project is the extraction of the essence of the capital cities of the European Union, which have been condensed into a single entity. Europolis has an organic plan, and is the amalgamation of a concentrated urban form that relates to the density of European cities. It contains all the information about material, texture, population, time, scale and occupation.

David Adjaye’s work explores the extremes of scale and the diversity of grain while proposing a distinct European DNA. He raises the question: if Europe were condensed into one piece and combined in one cell, what would result? The answer lies with the two extremes of Europolis: a very dense condition and a big void.


Bolzano, 2008
Project Description