Adjaye Futures Field

Venice, Italy

The Adjaye Futures Field encompasses seven physical models of thematically relevant projects paired with narrative films.

The selected projects showcase narratives that emerged outside of the dominant canon, such as, the Thabo Mbeki Presidential Library (TMPL) and its pre-colonial inspiration and the Edo Museum of West African Art (EMOWAA)/Creative District which aims to reconstruct, resurrect and reposition ancient Benin City as a powerhouse of cultural output. Narratives that speak to an ongoing quest to define, amplify, and encourage diasporic connection and cultural production, expressed through the Newton Enslaved Burial Grounds and Museum and the Africa Institute in Sharjah. Collectively, the selected projects speak to notions of place-making, identity, memory and meaning as central to the design process with the ambition to create structures conducive to positive forms of human transformation.