David Adjaye: Making Memory

London, UK

  • Status
  • Category
    Installation and Exhibition
  • Curator
    Design Museum
  • Exhibition Design
    Adjaye Associates
  • Institution/Venue:
    Design Museum
  • Graphics
    A Practice for Everyday Life
  • Lighting
    BEAM Lighting
  • Sound Composition
    Peter Adjaye

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Making Memory is set up as a provocation or a question to the public. The monument is no longer a representation, it is an experience of time and place that is available to everyone. Whether it's for a nation, a race, a community, or a person, it is really used as a device to talk about the many things facing people across the planet. - David Adjaye

Monuments and memorials are society’s way of marking our triumphs and failures. They are complex places of public memory that can prompt strong emotional responses – from celebration to loss. However, the form that monuments take and the way they are experienced is constantly changing. They are no longer just static objects – statues, neoclassical sculptures or plaques – but dynamic and complex spaces with a variety of functions.

Once again, monuments and memorials have become a topic of public discussion as a new generation re-evaluates the legacy of colonial and other histories. How is architecture used to record our memories and shape our perceptions of past events? And can it help us gain a better understanding of today? In this exhibition, David Adjaye examines the idea of the monument and presents his thoughts on how architecture and form are used as storytelling devices. This exhibition focuses on seven of Adjaye’s buildings, some complete and others works in progress. All of them show how Adjaye uses architecture to reflect on history and memory, and to record human lives.