Civic Buildings

Adjaye Associates’ concept for the new Ghana National Cathedral establishes a unique,
21st century landmark where religion, democracy and local tradition are seamlessly
and symbolically intertwined. Conceived as a physical embodiment of unity, harmony
and spirituality, the National Cathedral will be a rich, authentic celebration of Ghanaian
tradition and culture and a place of inspiration, reflection and common devotion. Its form
derives from traditional symbols of worship and veneration, drawing reference from both
Christian symbolism and traditional Ghanaian heritage such as the nation’s seat of power
‘the Stool’, as well as the shade of celestial authority -‘the Baoman’ ceremonial canopies
and ‘the Tabernacle’. The new cathedral takes these symbols of royal and religious
veneration and democratises them from the individual to the people.
The cathedral will be situated within 14 acres of newly landscaped gardens adjacent
to Osu Cemetary and will house a series of impressive chapels, a baptistery, a 5000-
seat two-level auditorium, a grand central hall, music school, choir rehearsal, art gallery,
shop and multi-use spaces. It will also be home to Africa’s first Bible Museum and
Documentation Centre, dedicated to Christianity and nation-building in Ghana. For the
interiors Adjaye Associates will collaborate with some of the most celebrated and
progressive Ghanaian and African artists to create the cathedral’s religious adornment
and furnishings.

A new ceremonial route and landscape will be linking the Cathedral site to Ghana’s
prominent, celebratory landmarks - Independence Square, Osu Cemetery, the State
House and Africa Unity Circle.

Ghana National Cathedral

Accra, Current


  • Adjaye Associates


  • The Ghana National Cathedral Board

Total Area

  • 70,000 m2
Project Description