Leadership (2024)

Since its establishment in 2000, Adjaye Associates has grown into a global team that is multicultural; stimulated by the broadest possible cultural discourse; and characterised by a sense of curiosity and research-based methodology.

Based between our studios in Accra, London and New York, we have composed a collaborative team of architects, researchers, administrators and urban strategists who hail from all over
the globe.

C - Suite

Global Office

Kahila Hogarth

Global Head of Interiors

Luisa Alves

Executive Assistant to Sir David Adjaye OBE & Global Head of Administration

Dr. Domonique Revere

Global Head of Human Resources


Joe Franchina

Associate Principal, New York

Ken Faulkner

Senior Associate, Accra

Yohannes Bereket

Senior Associate, London

Camaal Benoit

Senior Associate, New York

Cissy Wong

Senior Associate, New York

Project Directors

João Barroso

Project Director, London

Guy Parkinson

Project Director, London

Mitesh Parekh

Project Director, Accra

Emilia Dede Bakey Awaitey

Project Director, Accra

Gideon Atsakpo

Project Director, Accra

Finance & Operations

Linda Cole

Operations Manager, London

Elaine Enchia Okai Mintah

Operations Manager, Accra

Executive Board

Sir David Adjaye OM OBE (Chair), Osman Chaudhry, Lucy Tilley, Pascale Sablan, Kofi Bio

Finance sub committee:

Sir David Adjaye OM OBE, Osman Chaudhry

Ethics & Policy sub committee:

Osman Chaudhry, Caroline Roberts (link to her bio)

Administrative Board

Pascale Sablan (Chair), Ken Faulkner, Camaal Benoit, Cissy Wong, Luisa Alves, Marissa Glauberman, Dr Domonique Revere, HR team (please provide names), Linda Cole, Elaine Enchia Okai Mintah, Rhiannon Inners, Finance team (please provide names)

Design Excellence Board

Sir David Adjaye OM OBE (Chair), Joe Franchina, Yohannes Bereket, Joao Barroso, Guy Parkinson, Mitesh Parekh, Emilia Dede Bakey Awaitey, Gideon Atsakpo