Master Planning

This project encompassed a masterplan for a a porous, campus-type environment which connects with the surrounding area on a site previously occupied by a public baths building. The site was cleared with the exception of the front section of the baths building and the chimney. Like a triumphal arch, the retained frontage defines an axial route onto the site, leading towards a new public square and the main entrance into the auditorium building. The gaps on each side of the retained frontage frame diagonal views of the site. At the north-west corner of the auditorium, there is a more informal public space which is used by performers, students, teachers and young business people as they come and go from the stage door of the auditorium and the entrance to the auditorium building. 

As the site is long and deep, the continuity of the ground plane is maintained by lozenge-shaped plates of asphalt whose diagonal layout leads the eye from one external space to another. The colouring of these plates is graded from green, at the front of the site where it connects with the existing landscaped space, to brown, at the rear of the site where the parking is located. The ground floor of the front building houses the booking office, from which there is direct view of the auditorium itself. The elevations of the new buildings respond to the side walls of the existing buildings. In particular, the back of the front building and the front facade of the auditorium work with the existing walls to form a new civic space whose architectural character complements the landscaped informality of Tottenham Green. 

Bernie Grant Arts Centre

London, UK, 2007
Project Description