The One Series is like a machine for contemporary life – a flexible furniture system combining work, leisure and contemplation (desk, sofa and daybed) within a continuously folding aluminium plate. It is a non-defining form that cuts across the typological spectrum. I have also tried to re-think the traditional idea of inward facing furniture arrangements (for example chairs around a coffee table). Instead, the One Series celebrates the idea of an outward-looking cluster arrangement, where walls, screens or views become the commodity. It reflects a new way of interacting. The idea is that the series could be placed anywhere – it could be in an office, apartment or hotel. We are also working on a series of tables – a coffee table, four person circular dining table and an 8-person rectangular table. The form-work will be developed to shape all three tables, which will then be cast in bronze, copper and brass.

The One Series, Sawaya and Moroni

Project Description