Commissioned by BRITs Chairman and Chairman and CEO of Sony Music UK and Ireland Jason Iley in 2018, Sir David Adjaye was appointed as the 2019 BRITs statue designer. Previous commissions include Sir Anish Kapoor and the late Dame Zaha Hadid, who designed the 2018 and 2017 statues respectively, completing a trilogy of world-renowned British creatives.


For the 2019 BRITs statue design, Adjaye partnered with the progressive Czech glassmaking and design company Lasvit, renowned for their cutting-edge design and custom-made installations, to produce a truly unique statue for all twelve BRIT winners.


Sir David Adjaye says on the design;

“My approach was not so much to radically rethink her design, but look at her proportions. Looking at changing her volume, making her more real, making her a person, almost like a sculptor. I wanted to have some shape that reflects the strength and softness in women. The female personification of Britain. I became really fascinated by this idea of looking again at just cast glass, which is a wonderful material of turning dirt sand into this magical crystalline material and in firing it through fire you get this extraordinary piece of alchemy that happens. Every time I see it I'm just enthralled by the magic of that. I wanted to see if we could just freeze it and say look at what's been done with sand. It's turned into this incredible creature, each statue is a fusion moment of that transformation, that transfiguration of sand to glass, this molten affect. When it freezes, when it becomes glass, whatever's happening in the material at that moment is captured. So each statue is a unique moment in time. It's a unique transfiguration and it's a special thing to give to somebody who's winning such an amazing award."

Brit Award trophy 2019

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