Special Projects

September—November 2003, Rivington Place, London
January—April 2004, CUBE gallery, Manchester, UK

The Asymmetric Chamber was originally commissioned by Graeme Russell, director of the architectural gallery, CUBE, in Manchester, UK. The art/architecture installation is an experiment in which David Adjaye presents his architecture as a journey defined by light, material and music which was specifically composed by his brother, Peter Adjaye, a DJ and contemporary composer based in London. In early 2005 the Chamber travelled to the Bohen Foundation as a centerpiece for a show entitled ‘Works by Adjaye Associates’.

“The brief was very simple: use the space like a laboratory; create a built form that will allow people to get into your head; create a piece that will provide a gateway into experiencing what your architecture is all about. The Asymmetric Chamber is David's response. It is a fusion of architecture, art and music - the latter dimension, by his brother Peter Adjaye, being an insightful response to the environment created. Taking these three dimensions together, the Asymmetric Chamber is about connecting with people on a sensory and emotional level; it is about feeling space, not just thinking space... it is about giving people an experiential insight into his architectural world of emotion, drama and spirituality”. (Graeme Russell). 


Asymmetric Chamber

London, Manchester, 2003-2005


  • Adjaye Associates


  • CUBE

Total Area

  • 56.5 m2
Project Description